Shallipopi Deejay “DJ Brightstar” lead the advocate for fair treatment of Artists by Deejays Worldwide.


Vibrant and multiple award winning Disc Jockey, Akwa Ibom breed DJ Brightstar, known for his support for talents, emphasize on artist welfare and treatment.

Expressing concern over what he perceives as exploitation, DJ Brightstar criticized fellow DJs for not fulfilling their obligations to promote music after being paid by artists for promotional services.

In a recent post on social media, superstar DJ Brightstar emphasized the importance of DJs fulfilling their responsibilities, especially after receiving substantial fees for their services. He highlighted the challenges faced by artists in gaining visibility and recognition in the music industry, noting that DJs play a crucial role in promoting their work.

"Many DJs are charging exorbitant fees for music promotion but fail to deliver on their promises," Superstar DJ Brightstar reiterated. 

"It is unfair to the artists who trust us to help promote their music. We must honor our commitments and work diligently to support the growth of these talents."

DJ Brightstar has been outspoken about the fair treatment of upcoming artists, believing that future superstars may end up in the background if they don’t receive adequate support from industry key players.

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