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Joseph Sunday Elijah (born 13 March 1995), better known by his stage name Joesee, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He started his musical career as a backup artist in 2012. He is renowned for rapping in the EKID language. As a producer, joesee has worked with artists such as Treaty, One door, Slanzy, Halloking, Shebongky, uwem edimo, katty round, etc.


BIRTH NAME : Joseph Sunday Elijah 


ALSO KNOWN AS : Joesee. Josee. Joe c. josey. Eyen ikana. 

BORN: 13 March 1995 in cottage hospital ekpene obo, Esit Eket Local Government.

GENRES: Ibibio rap, Afro beat, hip hop, reggae, gospel, R&B, afropop.

OCCUPATION: Song writer, producer, promoter, performing artist, entrepreneur.

LABEL: Erecord entertainment

Joesee developed an interest for music production during his Primary school days.

He initially wanted to become an Engineer, but was told that he could be a Force Man.

Throughout high school, he learned to play the drums and keyboard. He also learned to create his own rendition of every recording he heard.

He studied Elect Elect at Heritage Polytechnic,Eket.

Joesee started rapping in 2010.

Joesee recorded his first single “JEJE”, in 2013.

It was primarily recorded in English and Nigerian Pidgin. On 3rd August 2014, he released another single”SIMADOH”(Combination of English and Ibibio languages)

He won Best music of the year at SPECKLES MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL.

“OMALICHA”, the third single , was released on 11 November 2014. The song was produced by Shebongky

Joesee’s collaborative single with E_Record, titled Jupka, was released in 8th March 2018,,

the album was officially announced in April 2019 by the record label via social media.

In May 2019, Joesee drops his 4th Single “NSISIDE”.

The track as been played on the local radio stations in Akwa Ibom,

It as also gained public interest and it’s currently trending across Akwa Ibom State.

followed by mkparawa, kpor well, etc. 

releasing numerous album. 


Joesee toured with Unik Brothers, Eve Essien (Nollywood Actress), Bishop Ime aka Okon Lagos(Actor in Nollywood), Utang Akwa Ibom, Moses Eskor(Nollywood Movie Producer), Moses Armstrong (Nollywood Actor), Akwa Ibom top DJs, John Warr and Emma Etukudoh(Nollywood Actor) as a supporting act on Entertainers for Udom Emmanuel (The Governor of Akwa Ibom State) Tour.

In 1st January, he performed at Ibeno Beach Party 2019 Akwa Ibom State State.

He told the Nigerian Tribune that he raps in Ibibio, because he respects his culture and loves being himself. Although he primarily raps in Ibibio, he combines a bit of Nigerian Pidgin and English in his music. Joesee believes that the elements of music makes it borderless.

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