Pastor Dr Sylvanus Ukafia, you're highly celebrated for not being a Kriminal like other Pastors - Da Zion Umoh


 Pastor Dr Sylvanus Ukafia, you're highly celebrated for not being a Kriminal like other Pastors - Da Zion Umoh

US based atheist and controversialist “Da Zion Umoh” also known to be an Akwa Ibomite has never been reluctant in launching social media attacks on  Nigerian pastors, Who’ve been  displaying  some form of kriminality in the name of Church and Christianity. 

He clearly disbelief in the existence of God and keeps urging Pastors to stop scamming gullible Nigerian Christians in the name of God/religion.

In his social media post today on Facebook, he wrote below 👇 Read on Facebook click here


~ ISAIAH 41:10🤷

At Ibom Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State during Onofiok Luke 's birthday celebration. 

Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia of Insight Bible Church  showed up by himself driving himself with his old Car without a convoy or Armed Police Officers and Cooperate Thugs aka Protocols because  he believes in God's Protection.

Rev. Ntia I. Ntia  of Full Life Christian Centre-FLCC showed up in a Brand New Bullet Proof SUV with Convoy of Armed Police Officers, Army Men with Guns and Machetes, Cooperate Thugs aka Protocols with Suits and Ties just because the Guy man (Ntia Ntia) does not believe in God's Protection. 

Brethren, I put it you as an ordained Arch Bishop of God that Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia  and Rev Ntia Ntia are serving two different Gods and I also put it to you that Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia is real and sincere Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus whom I don't believe in HER Existence.

According to 2 Timothy 1:7, "God did not give us the spirit of fear or make us timid" but how come Rev Ntia Ntia cannot go Toilet without Armed Police Officers while ge is selling Fake Spiritual Coverages and Protections to his Gullible Customers?

If Rev Ntia Ntia is a real man of God and has not committed atrocities that will cause him to live in fear, I challenge him to start going to places or his church without Armed Police Officers and Thugs for protection because real men of God do not carry guns and Machetes for protection after all, Insight Bible Church owned by Sylvanus Ukafia is far more Bigger than Full Life Christian Centre Limited owned by Fake Rev Ntia Ntia who can't fill up his 7k sitting Auditorium while he is jumping into Building a 50K sitting Auditorium. 

Dear Pastor Dr Sylvanus Ukafia, you're highly celebrated and appreciated for noy being a Kriminal like other Pastors.🙋🏿‍♂️

Where are those Stweeepid Kristians aka Blind Sheeeepps that are always saying that I hate Kristianity just because I am an Atheist?🙄

©️ His Holiness Vicar Da Zion Umoh COUF, MCSN

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