GWR: “Before the Attempt, We discovered ourselves playing for over 10hrs" - Isantim & Sancteefai


GWR: “Before the Attempt, We discovered ourselves playing for over 10hrs" - Isantim & Sancteefai 


“Before the Attempt, We discovered ourselves playing for over 10hrs. This alone was a great inspiration to go after the Guinness World Record (GWR).” - Isantim & Sancteefai

The Nigerian Duo "Isantim Aniekpeno" & "Sancteefai" who have decided to beat the already made record in the snooker game category, have shared their motivation towards their attempt to break the record of the longest playing snooker game marathon by individuals, #GWR

Despite the enormous wave of criticism they have both encountered on social media by fellow Nigerians, they have decided to still go after the GWR (Guinnesss World Record) regardless.

In a brief interview with our team correspondent “TrendingGistBlog” ,it was shared that the two snooker players are best friends who have shared in the bond of friendship for over 4years, and that both have interest in  Snooker” as their best sporting activity. 


Two aspiring Guinness World Record breakers from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria are set to embark on a 100 Hour #SnookerAthon.

They both have chosen snooker over other top games and have promised to make snooker a reckon-able game in the sport sector, putting Nigeria in the map and as a lead in this category.

They also shared how they once played the game “Snooker” for over 10hrs+ on a certain day, and jokingly one of them suggested that they  should be awarded for this long time play. So they went after GWR with several mails until they got the approval to forge ahead.

Their bet is to reach the record of 100hours in this category, having started their journey to attain this feat, the world is eagerly waiting in anticipation to see them break this record soon.


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