Music: ESEUN TI E O PADA - Jide Anointing []


 Music: ESEUN TI E O PADA - Jide Anointing  []

Gospel artiste "Jide Anointing," from Lagos State, has released his debut single, "Eseun Ti E O Pada," which translates to "Thank You For Not Turning Your Back On Me" in Yoruba dialect.

Soulful inspiration and undivided attentiveness to the spirit gave rise to this music.

Sequel to his newly released single " Eseun Ti  E O Pada" it could be recalled that the amazing and super creative gospel artiste "Jide Anointing " recorded last in the year 2005 as that his unpronounced and un-offcial piece...

Eseun Ti  E O Pada is sure to help your spirit and revive your heart of gratitude..

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