Ifypraise -You Are God (Music & Lyrics)


  Ifypraise -You  Are God (Music & Lyrics)

You Are God - Ifypraise (Music & Lyrics)

IfyPraise, a Nigerian gospel musician, just released a mind-blowing and energizing song "You Are God," which was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Ifypraise's song "You Are God" has a moving melody with dialectic (Igbo) lyrics that would enlighten the minds of all believers.

An affirmation for those who have long believed in "God," who is our creator and the source of all good things, is that you are God.

IfyPraise is an exceptional and talented gospel musician who is gifted with songwriting ability. As such, he holds multiple titles on his social media profiles, including gospel musician, songwriter, music composer, and arranger.

You Are God by Ifypraise (Lyrics)

(You are God lyrics)
I have searched through all the earth, looked and found that no one is like you
We proclaim your love and grace in the splendor of your power and majesty

You are God
You are God
You are God
No one is like you (4x)
Call: Great and mighty God
Resp: izuru nkeme
Call: I am that I am
Resp: izuru nkeme
Call: The Lily of the valley
Resp: izuru nkeme
Odigi onye dikagi
There is non like you

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