Age, Net Worth, and Relationships of Popular "Odhii"


 Age, Net Worth, and Relationships of Popular "Odhii"

Odinamma Okereke, widely recognised by her pet name " Odhii" is a 19year old prodigy known for an exceptional personality.

Born into the family of Mr and Mrs Okereke on November 17th, 2003, she hails from "Abia state" She's currently pursuing her degree in Mass Communication  at the University of Nsukka, Nigeria.

Odhii as she is popularly called is quite multi-talented & Creative as she possesses skills in different areas which has helped in developing her profile and as well served as an added advantage exposing her to countless opportunities.

She is a creative writer and a content creator, having her niche rooted in entertainment and lifestyle. She is a model and dancer, and has also made her way through into the male dominated field "Photography" leaving imprints of excellence in her work which makes her stand out from the rest.

Odhii On Movie Set

Just like every other young person with side distractions, Odhii's hobbies include taking photos, shopping and making videos and with this it can be deduced that her supposed side distractions are actually vital part of her career path too.

While still on a journey to self discovery, Odhii remains determined to scale through life hurdles and ultimately reach the top.

For reasons based known to her managment "Odhii's" Net-worth, & Relationship will be kept Private...


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