Alberto Mvila, " 29 year old pastor" Converts over 6,000 pakistan to Christianity | TRENDING


 Alberto Mvila, " 29 year old pastor"  Converts over 6,000 parkistan to Christianity | TRENDING

Over  6,000 people receive Jesus in Pakistan as a 29 year old man of God risks his life to host Crusade. Preaching the gospel is what everything Christian should do any time and any where they see them self's .the fruits of Evangelism ,not Ordinary. Indeed Evangelism is God’s Heart beat .

 29-year-old preacher, Alberto Mvila has done the inevitable after risking his life to preach about Jesus Christ in Pakistan, a Muslim dominated country.

As at 2017, religion in Pakistan is: Islam (96.47%), Hinduism (2.14%), Christianity (1.27%), Ahmadiyya (0.09%), Others (0.03.

People’ from some part of the world , took it as a very surprising thing ., people were surprised  ,a lot of people in some part of the world ,says it is a very Amazing thing to see ,such thing happen .never the less there is how God works ,his way is not our way.

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